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Konixx (Luis Hernandez) was exposed into Music and to the Art of DJing since he was 16; and from then it became his dream to become a DJ. To make people Dance and Entertain them thru every Beats and Songs his playing.

Thru his older friends, He started to learn the basics of Beat Matching. And from then he developed his Passion and Love to the Art form. He started to explore more his skills, not just in Beat Matching but also producing and play with drum machine. Thru the help of some well known DJs and Turntablist in the country and thru hard practice he mastered the Art form; from being a regular DJ he start producing with AbletonLive, Logic and Reason.

At the age of 23 getting a Bachelors degree in Business Administration, He pursued his dream to be a DJ and his Passion for Music after finishing College. In 2003 he entered the Club scene. He has made his way from playing at Small Bars to High-end Clubs. Now you will find him DJing at private or close events in the country and others main events.

He normally plays Deep House, Deep Tech, TechHouse and Progressive. As a producer Konixx expand all the time he can in the studio making some techno live set as dstlive with DJ Nookz and working with other producer like Waverokr, Armando Perez, Emir Feliciano and Howarkeigh among others.